The Academy is where you educate Scholars. Scholars can be used to conquer neighboring cities and expand your kingdom.

To build the Academy, it is required that the city's forge be at least level 20, Barracks at least level 15, and the City Hall at least level 25. Then, you must spend 15,000 Wood, 25,000 Clay, and 10,000 Iron.


This person has a Scholar Limit Of 1, And has made no progress toward a Limit of 2.

To educate scholars, one must spend resources to buy scholarships. No time is required for scholarships. Once the required number of scholarships have been obtained, additional resources must be spent to educate a scholar. It takes 3:00 / world_speed hours to educate a scholar.

Scholarship cost: 35,000 wood, 40,000, clay and 30,000 iron.

Scholar cost: 50,000 of each resource.

The number of scholars you can educate is equal to the "scholar limit" that you reached, minus the number of cities that you conquered (which is the number of cities you own minus one) minus the number of scholars you already have. Note that every time you conquer a city, that costs one scholar, so the scholar limit plus one is basically the number of cities you potentially could own at that moment if you used all your scholars. In order to increase this limit by one, you have to buy as many scholarships as the next limit (thus: if your limit is 10, you have to buy 11 scholarships to increase the limit to 11), in other words, if you used all your scholars (and therefore own one city more than the current limit) then each city has to pay for one scholarship to get the next scholar; limiting the growth to one city per fixed period of time.

If a scholar dies then you can just educate it again; so a scholar's life is worth 50k of each resource. You don't lose scholarships (the scholar limit). On the other hand, if you conquer a city that had scholars stationed in other cities as support (so they didn't die when you conquered it) then you get the scholars but not the scholarships: the number of scholars you can educate will become negative and you still have to pay for all the scholarships before you can educate again. You just skip the need to educate them: they represent, again, just 50k of each resource. However, you can immediately use them to conquer cities.

Scholar limit Total required scholarships Resource Total
1 1 85,000 wood; 90,000 clay; 80,000 iron
2 3 205,000 wood; 220,000 clay; 190,000 iron
3 6 360,000 wood; 390,000 clay; 330,000 iron
4 10 550,000 wood; 600,000 clay; 500,000 iron
N N(N+1)/2

(17,500 N + 67,500) N wood; (20,000 N + 70,000) N clay; (15,000 N + 65,000) N iron