The Berserkers come from the furthest oceans of waters, never being able to set their eyes on land for ages to come. Stranded away at sea for too long, their madness multiplied by the day and consumed themselves, even when they finally took their first steps upon land. Driven by rage and insanity, the Berserkers will not stop swinging their axes until they see defeat.

The Berserker unleashes its strength as an all-out, offensive unit. It can be considered that these units are the best offensive unit in Valor when taking power per population into account. On the other hand, Berserkers also have the worst defense in the game, as well as the smallest haul capacity. It is not wise to send them to support other cities due to their nature of being taken out with ease by sheer numbers.

Unit/Resources Wood Clay Iron Men
Berserker 80 50 40 1