Although what is written here may seem basic to some, it is a very good strategy for all to know.

What is Attack Dodging?Edit

Attack Dodging is the act of sending your troops out of a city, when you know that an enemy has launched a stronger attack on your city. Due to the fact the only units in the city can die (Duh), any units sent out side of the city will live to fight another day?

What are It's Main uses?Edit

=====Scouting =====

A very common use of Attack Dodging is simply to avoid letting the other player know what you have. Knowledge = Power, and by not allowing your opponent to see your army, they are not able to gauge its strength.


As I mentioned earlier, if an army is incoming, and you have reason to believe that it is a strong attack, then "hiding" your army is a very smart move. Since all you will lose when you lose a battle is resources, It would be wise to "take one for the team" in order to have your army live to fight another day.

When Should it Not be used?Edit

The main reason why Attack dodging exists, is because it requires one to lose the battle. As I mentioned, that is not normally a large thing, but sometimes it is. If you have reason to believe that the opponent is in it to conquer your city, then you should only dodge the Clearing Wave and make sure your army is back in-time for the Scholar Wave.

Also, If you are being scouted by a weaker city, sometimes a show of strength is the best defense. If you believe that your army is stronger, than let it pass, and when they see yours, they wont come back!