The Scouts are bandits raised in poverty and had no family or guardians to look for guidance. Due to their broken childhood, they resorted to sneaking around and stealing whatever they could to survive. To this day, they have honed their skills and became a master of stealth and awareness. With their strengthened five senses, the Scouts have the ability to sneak into enemy bases and gather top secret information that will prove useful for future military tactics.

The Scout is useful to creep into the enemies' cities in order to gain valuable information. Although they possess no attack value nor any haul capacity, they use their skills to creep behind enemy lines. When launching an attack with only Scouts, the attack will be considered a scouting. During this attack, the attacking Scouts will try to determine the enemy's city information, while the defending Scouts will try to capture the enemy Scouts.

Unit/Resources Wood Clay Iron Men
Scout 80 60 30 2